White's Dream Diary

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Another unmemorable dream. There was a lot of paperwork. I woke up to the smell of breakfast on the stove, and that's nice.


I've been very busy, lately. I had a nightmare, in which I wasn't strong enough to protect Green... best not to think about it. I know i'm strong enough. Perhaps I wasn't in the best mindset while I was awake...


I woke up drooling on my pillow. Time for breakfast.


Today, I dreamt of fire and brimstone again. It's been a rough month, but the mission finally ended. There were no casualties; I think Red partially destroyed a few buildings, and that resulted in more paperwork for me to fill out. Pink has been helpful in managing this work, though. I feel lucky to have my family.


An ally appeared today. That's all I will note. I woke up to the sound of Black saying some nonsense...I think it melded with the words of my ally, before I woke up.


I had a dream in which fighting was involved. I can't remember who my opponent was. I woke up frightened, and I scramble to write this down before the details escape my brain.


I had such a wonderful dream, in which I took my family to Planet Lalaland again. I think we're long overdue for a vacation. I'm gonna call Pretty and see if she's got the time to come with us.


No dreams today! I woke up in the hotel after a long flight. Everyone's real happy, and Pretty came along to visit. Long day ahead, but it's good.


Home from vacation. Nothing bad happened, and there's no unfinished work at home. I dreamt that Red broke a dish, and I got mad. How interesting.


I should clean my room today. Had a dream in which a flood happened, and I spent days cleaning up afterwards. Now, the idea of cleaning is horrid to me, but there's still clutter on the floor.


I had a dream where my computer glitched out, and displayed visuals of an organic baby. Babies aren't supposed to talk, so it's pretty jarring in hindsight. Perhaps I should upgrade my computer...Red says it's pretty old...


Haha, I was too busy to record my dreams! Today I shall go to the park with Yellow. Maybe this is an ordinary diary, now. The "dream" portion of this diary's title is a little redundant, then. What a shame.


Had a dream about baking. I made cupcakes. They exploded. Today, I did chores.


No dreams today. I panicked, because I took a nap in the middle of the day for recreational reasons and woke up to Pink crying about the burning oven. What an ordeal...nothing was damaged, though. My back is kinda sore.