White Bomberman

go whiteboy go

A render of White Bomberman from Super Bomberman R.
Gender Male
Alias/Nicknames White, Shirobom, Bomberman (by himself), Big Bro (by his siblings)
i cannot stress this to you enough idk what the fuck im gonna do
Day 23 hrs.
Axis Tilt 1/360th
Size 4/5ths Terra
Year 343 days
Atmosphere Habitable
Gravity 9.977 m/s²
Geography and Climate
Dominant Climate
  • tropical
  • subtropical
Equatorial Temprature 88F
Polar Temprature 75F
Equatorial Temprature 88F
Polar Temprature 75F
"Hard work always pays off... this is proof of that!"

White Bomberman is the eldest sibling of the 8 Bomberman Brothers and the main character in Super Bomberman R 2. (PLACEHOLDER TEXT)

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